5 Easy Steps To Healthy Weight Loss

Ok, so you’ve made the commitment to lose some weight and get healthy. That is the biggest hurdle, believe me. Once you have done that you have conquered many internal mountains. So, now what? You want to go to that gym in Birmingham and show yourself that you can do it. However, you do not want to just do something. You want to do it correctly and in a way that makes sense for your overall health. I’ll preface this first by telling you to check with your doctor.

Here are five steps to use:

Keep a journal – Don’t go running for the proverbial hills right off of the bat. You will be amazed at what this can do. First off, write down everything you are already eating and what activities you do. Do this daily for one week. Writing it down will clarify where you are right now nutritionally and in your conditioning. Before you even attempt to lift that first barbell at the gym in Birmingham keep a journal for one week. Having a starting point, or foundation, will benefit your overall weight loss program.

Easy does it – A slow and steady regimen is best when starting out. I realize the inclination here is to start out fast and furious. You’re excited to get started. You’re pumped that you have decided to make the commitment. You really want to show yourself and everyone your results as fast as possible. But, that is not sensible. Inevitably, you will burn out faster than a one-hit wonder. Begin by taking some calories out of your diet, not a ton. Perhaps about 100 calories a day would be good. This is where your journal can
be useful. It shouldn’t be too hard to see where you can eliminate some unnecessary calories. The idea here is to change the way you think about your daily nutrition, so it sticks, not simply to do it for a short while.

Steady as she goes – The same concept applies to working out, as well. I know you want to bounce a quarter off of that tummy, or shape those six pack abs in a couple of weeks time. However, it just doesn’t happen. What happens when you go crazy working out, especially when starting, is soreness, unnecessary fatigue, and perhaps injury. On top of that, you will get discouraged. So, avoid the jack rabbit start. Again, take a look at your journal and see where you can incorporate some aerobic activities. Walking,
biking, a slow and steady program when you’re on that aerobic machine at the gym in Birmingham, are all great ways to gradually work in an exercise program. You will start to feel better, start to notice some small changes and it will be a natural way to encourage yourself to keep going.

Eat healthy and have fun – Too many of us starting on a weight loss program turn to foods that are healthy, but that they hate. This is the recipe for nutritional doom. Yes, you need to take a look at alternative, healthy food choices at times. No, it does not have to be filled with foods that you can’t stand. Cutting back on high sugar, high carb, foods rather than eliminate them completely. Drink more water and cut back on the sugar drinks and alcohol. You can’t tell me that there are zero healthy food choices that you like. You will surprise yourself at what is healthy that you will enjoy.

Journal, Part 2 – Go back and write again. This time, you have a better idea of what it is that you would like to do, both nutritionally and with your exercise program. Give yourself 2 – 3 weeks into your program before doing this part, though. That will give you some time to start into somewhat of a routine. Now, if you write down your plan and keep referring to it, those words will reinforce what you are trying to accomplish. There is power in words. So, after your workout at the gym in Birmingham, take a look at what you’ve written. Are you on course? It’s a great way to find your rhythm.

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