Active Healthy People Get Hired First

Kentucky Residents that Exercise get Hired First

Northern Kentucky residents that are currently looking for a job should make sure that they are involved in an exercise routine.

Why should exercise be a priority when you don’t have a job and are busy seeking employment?

Well it is well known and documented that those who exercise possess the characteristics that an employer seeks in a potential candidate.

Here are the following characteristics:

1. Self-Esteem – Those with high self esteem will be able to look an employer in the eye smile and make a great first impression.

2. Positive Mood – Someone with a positive outlook and mood will possess an energy level that is both inviting and a pleasure to be around. This can really set one a part from someone that is negative and constantly finding fault.

3. Determination – It takes determination and goal setting to stick to an exercise routine on a consistent basis.

4. Ability to Manage – If you are able to manage a healthy weight and a daily routine that provides you enough time to accomplish multiple tasks, it will show your ability to consistently manage your agenda.

5. Better Health – Plain and simple better health means less sick days and more productivity.

6. Goal Oriented – Have you ever competed in a run walk race or a walk for the cure event. If you have trained for something like this then it con show that you know how to set goals leading up to completing larger events. Share that story with an employer.

7. Multi-tasking – One who can take care of their home, consistently seek job interviews, stay healthy, exercise and remain current will show your ability to accomplish multiple tasks on an ongoing basis.

If you possess all of these characteristics and carry yourself well then it can dramatically help your chances of securing a new job sooner.

So, northern Kentucky residents make sure you are leaving some time open in your schedule to get that exercise routine in. It may be the deciding factor.

Brian Dzubinski is a Kentucky fat loss expert, northern Kentucky personal trainer and owner of BEAT Personal Training a semi-private fitness coaching center in Florence, Kentucky. Go to

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