Acupressure For Weight Loss

Indeed most dieters end up heavier than they did to start with, the researchers found. They warn this type of yo-yo behaviour is linked to a host of health problems. And they say the strain that repeated weight loss and gain places on the body means most people would have been better off not dieting at all.The findings follow other research that shows the UK is in the grip of a dieting frenzy, with one in four Britons at any one time trying to lose weight.

Something very subtle is at the root of emotional eating. Unresolved emotional issues or traumatic events create blocks or disruptions in the body’s subtle energy system. These blocks create an “anxiety short circuit,” which in turn, causes someone to overeat. The overeating calms the anxiety, but at the expense of consuming too many calories.

Acupressure is one of the natural therapies that are widely used for fat loss. Acupressure and Acupuncture are oriental modes of treatment in which specific points on the skin are stimulated to favorably influence internal organs. While the required points are simply pressed in Acupressure, they are punctured (with needles) in Acupuncture.

Contemplation- You are ambivalent. You know you are overweight or that you overeat but have many excuses for not changing. You may gather lots of information and talk about changing your behaviors at this stage but you don’t. You may stay in this stage for years, waiting for the magic moment.

While exactly how acupuncture works is unknown, we do know that needles inserted in certain exact points on the body, especially in the ear, release endorphins. Endorphins have a relaxing effect, easing stress, frustration and anxiety- some of the triggers of overeating. They also help to re-balance the internal organs and make hormonal systems run at the right pace, which helps with will power and metabolism.

As it was already mentioned EFT works on psychological and physical levels. It can help with self-love and self-acceptance issues that sabotage the weight loss process; it can also help to reduce cravings, overeating, eating big portions, not exercising, etc.It is important to work on self-love and self-acceptance issues first since they are usually the roots of multitude problems. As a matter of fact working on these issues only can help to overcome cravings and weight loss sabotaging behaviors so by starting with these two issues you can significantly accelerate your weight loss.

Now it is also associated with the financial pain, the pain of wasting money. Some time later the pain is forgotten – perhaps we need to go on vacation to the beach or attend an important event so we really need to fit into that particular dress, whatever the reason is, and the search starts again, search for another “magic” product. And vicious cycle continues… Inspiration, motivation, disappointment and staying away for a while are the characteristics of this cycle.

EFT actively re-programs the mind and nervous system to adopt an entirely different attitude toward food. ‘Re-programming’ of the mind is necessary for successful weight loss because a negative emotion, or a series of negative emotions, acts like a blockage to the flow of life force along the energy meridians or pathways within the human body. This is where the concept of emotionally based overeating comes into play.

EFT combines acupuncture without needles with mind-body medicine. It is essentially an emotional adaptation of acupuncture. Acupuncture stimulates certain meridian points with needles. The same result can be achieved by tapping (with you fingers) the same meridian points on your body. Weight gain, along with a lot of other physical ailments, disease and pain can be traced back to emotional stress.

When you do meridian exercises that get the energy in your body circulating, you not only release this stagnant energy, but you improve your immune system, revitalize your metabolism, and enhance hormone function in general. Therefore, exercises that are specifically designed to circulate the life energy in your body, such as those done in Dahn Yoga, are a necessary part of any weight loss or healthy lifestyle regimen.

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