Crazy Diet Programs – Do They Actually Work?

Weight loss is a major topic right now. While some people manage to take on weight loss by themselves and do just fine, other people need a structure to the process. Their is a lot to weight loss and some find it easier to do when following a program. Unfortunately marketers know this and the diet industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Fad diets are everywhere you look, trying to convince you that their way is the only way to lose weight. n most cases, these types of diets are more harmful than helpful. There are some good diet programs out there, however; they are not all fads. It is possible to get help from some of these programs. Are you searching for a program to help you in your weight loss journey? The following programs may be able to help you.

According to Consumer Search dot com, one of the most popular weight loss programs is Spark People. One of the pros of Spark People is that it is a free program. It isn’t really a diet or weight loss program so much as it is a support system for people who are hoping to find some support while they work to lose weight. There are lots of meal plans that you can customize to suit your needs. Members also share exercise tips and swap recipes with one another. This is a great resource though some people have complained that taking full participation in the program can be very time consuming. The site gets a low grade in the user friendly department!

Have you ever heard of the Perricone Prescription? Though recent criticized, this diet has been quite popular for some time. If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and young, then this weight loss program would be for you. It has been labeled an “anti-wrinkle” diet instead of a weight loss program. At the same time, the idea that some foods contribute to things like water retention is not far off from the idea that some foods cause you to gain more weight than others. Talk to your doctor if you are interested in learning more about this particular program.

There is also the Zone diet. While it hasn’t been a best seller in a few years, there are still some who swear by its success. This is an all encompassing program, promising to help with other areas of your life along with your weight. This program promises to help you push back things like heart disease and helps you “reboot” your metabolism with a diet that is mostly carbohydrates and fats. This may sound like a welcome change of pace from the fruits and veggies routine. And this diet does seem to work for some. Others argue that cutting protein out of the diet is not a healthy option. You definitely have lots of options for weight loss programs available to you. How do you know which ones are most worth your time? The truth is that there are lots of choices and the program that will work best for you will depend on what your end goal actually is. Your doctor is a great resource in helping you find the right program. He can look at your history and will know where you are starting from. They can look at where you are right now and find the right program, instead of looking at where you want to be.

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