Diet Programs For Bodybuilders

Other than supplements, a bodybuilder’s body relies heavily on food for nutrients. However not all foods bring out the desired results. For bodybuilders the following foods are advised:


Chicken or turkey meat is lean and has good protein levels. This meat is also low in saturated fats. There are various methods of cooking chicken but frying is highly discouraged. Since chicken is low in fat, it can be incorporated with other meals as a protein source.


Fish meat has plenty of fat. However fish fat contains the essential fatty acid, Omega 3. Omega 3 is crucial in the muscle building process. The protein levels are good especially in most cold water fish. Tuna fish for example has 88% protein and 6% fat.

Egg White

Nearly all bodybuilders incorporate egg white in their diets. This is because egg whites offer protein in one of the most pure form. The ratio of protein to fat in egg white is 60 to 1. This means that most protein absorbed from egg white is ready for use by ones body for protein synthesis. The carbohydrate level is minimal, almost 8%. Egg whites are also a very good source of minerals and vitamins.

Red Meat

This is very doubtful because of the saturated fats present in red meat. However lean red meat has rich sources protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B. The calorie per serving is high which is beneficial in packing more body mass.

To cover for the saturated fats, lean red meat should be taken on a weekly basis.


The muscles, tissue cells and all organs contain water. All these require to be hydrated at all times. This makes water a very important of the diet. Water makes the muscles look fuller while catering for thirst. Water also helps the body to be in the anabolic state as much as possible. It is strongly suggested to take water instead of soda while working out to avert the effects of high calories found in soda.

Bodybuilders are advised to take 8-10 liters of water a day.

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

These slow burning carbohydrates are useful in preserving muscle tissue. Oats, yams are good examples of these carbohydrates. In working out, carbohydrates and fat are used as fuel. It is crucial for fat to be used as fuel instead of carbohydrates otherwise the body turns to the muscle cell for energy. Low glycemic carbohydrates have low absorption rates hence the body has more time to store it in the muscle cell while fats are used as fuel.

Beans & Legumes

Most bodybuilders do not know is that the bean is a very good nutritious source of protein and fiber.

Fiber is needed for the regulation and maintaining of normal healthy bowel movement.

Fiber is also needed for proper insulin response which is crucial for muscle growth.

Protein supplements

For great muscles, the protein intake is very significant. However, obtaining this from food will lead to over eating. This leads to employment of supplements. it is easy to prepare a protein shake and obtain all the protein you need. These shakes can be taken before and after working out to maintain the body in the anabolic state.

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