Feel Healthy in Cacheuta Hot Springs

The town of Cacheuta is part of the Luján de Cuyo department. It is placed beside the Mendoza River, just 38 kilometers away from the capital city. The Cacheuta Hot Springs are its main tourist attraction and make this village an ideal destination for those who look for a relaxing and confortable environment during their stay at any Mendoza´s Hotel. If you want to escape from the urban malestrom of the city of Mendoza, there is no place like Cacheuta Hot Springs.

The Cacheuta Hot Springs and Adventure Park is a natural paradise of healing and relaxing waters. It has an extensive variety of ponds with different temperatures, which go from 35°C to 39°C. This park also has 3 thermal pools with several properties, 3 outdoor pools, 2 vaporiums, an octagonal pool with beach and waves, a slide, a cascade and a slow artificial stream 270 meters long, which goes around the park.

No more than a kilometer away from the Cacheuta Hot Springs and Adventure Park, we can find the Cacheuta Hot Springs Hotel and Spa. This fantastic building houses 16 rooms, a playroom, satellite television, a restaurant with regional typical meals, a rustic chapel, the tower which used to belong to the former hotel, 2 hot springs pools, a thermal grotto, a whirlpool, a scottish shower, thermal mud, a cascade and a 27 hectares field to enjoy the fresh nights of Cuyo region.  

In Cacheuta Hot Springs you will be able to try many different types of adventure tourism, with activities like trekking, rappelling, horseback riding, mountain biking and rafting. What is more, other interesting place to visit when coming to this lovely town is the Suspension Bridge of Cacheuta, where the sight of the landscape is just amazing and no picture could ever reflect the soul of the region, almost touchable from the position given by the view in that panoramic spot.

Cacheuta city has a huge number of cabins and bungalows, perfectly designed and equipped to spend the day and rest before getting back to Mendoza´s Hotel. In fact, there are plenty of restaurants, tea rooms and shops. Comparable to an oasis in an arid paradise, Cacheuta and its therapeutic thermal waters display a pacific environment focused on relaxation and healtth. That is why no one could ever reject the charms of this magic village in the core of Cuyo region.

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Mendoza Hotel

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