Health Tips In Varied Spring Temperature

The winter is near the end and the spring is not far away. However, the weather seems not so good. The changeable weather causes many health problems to people. In order to keep healthy body, I have several tips for people to deal with the varied temperature.

Brown sugar and ginger water could prevent cold. Cut ginger into pieces, and then cook it with brown sugar. After ten minutes of boiling, you can drink it. The ginger water could make the body warm, increase energy, active blood, accelerate blood circulation, and help people especially the elderly and young children to fight against the cold climate.

Do not sleep hooded. The cold weather will make people unconsciously drilled to bed, but patients with respiratory and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay particular attention not to hood the head during sleep. It will not only affect the quality of sleep, but also to inhale the exhaled carbon dioxide and other residual gases again, and even cause more serious problems.

Use local resources to do exercise at home. For the cold, people should not merely have a passive defense. They should take the initiative to strengthen the exercise. You can choose some open space at home to do gymnastics, or you can also use the stairs activities to train bones. 1-2 times a day, and 20 minutes every time is appropriate.

Put a humidifier in the room. Continued dry weather makes air humidity lower, and it easily results in dry rhinitis, pharyngitis, and seasonal high incidence of respiratory diseases. Humidifier purification can effectively relieve dry.

Back and foot are in need of warmth. If people catch cold in the back, it will easily lead to heart and lung cold. The elderly should wear cotton vest and avoid the cold attack in the back. The foot of human body is also vulnerable to cold invasion. And it is better to have a hot foot bath every night.

The above tips are effective in protecting people from the cold in the winter climate changes.

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