Lose Belly Fat Fast – 3 Key Diet Tips

To lose belly fat fast requires no special diets or supplements, but it does require some effort on your part and also some simple changes to your lifestyle. The health benefits of deflating your spare tire far outweigh any minor lifestyle changes that you make.

Exercise alone will tone you abdominal muscles, but nobody will be able to see your six pack as it will be covered in a layer of tummy fat. You must change your diet if you want to lose belly fat fast.

Here are three suggestions to improve your diet that will help shed excess abdominal fat:

1. Drink plenty of water and green tea

Contrary to popular belief, drinking the appropriate amount of cold water each day will not make you feel bloated. It will make you feel full for longer thereby reducing the temptation to eat between meals.

You should aim to drink at least two litres of cold water each day. Drink small quantities at regular intervals. This will ensure that your body is properly hydrated and toxins will are flushed out.

Although water is the main ingredient of carbonated drinks, these also have large amounts of sugar or other sweeteners that contain hidden calories.

Green tea is particularly rich in a type of polyphenols known as catechins that can help lower cholesterol levels as well as reducing body fat accumulation. It is also claimed that drinking green tea can reduce hypertension, a primary cause of which is obesity.

2. Eat sufficient dietary fibre

If you want to lose belly fat fast you should aim to eat 25 grams of dietary fibre each day. Dietary fibre, which is found in fresh fruit and vegetables, helps food move through your digestive system more efficiently.

Foods rich in dietary fibre also make you feel fuller for longer on fewer calories. This helps to avoid hunger pangs that are often associated with low calorie diets, thereby reducing the risk of eating between meals.

3. Eat more lean protein

If you want to lose belly fat fast you must eat more lean protein as part of your balanced diet. Protein helps to build maintain and repair muscle tissue. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be and the more fat you will burn. Your body will burn up twice as many calories processing protein than it will do when processing either carbohydrates or fat.

For best results, you should include regular sessions of cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine as well as incorporating these suggestions in a balanced diet if you want to lose belly fat fast. 

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