Proven tips to brighten your teeth

Try to massage your gums with a gum massager, this aids in making your gums healthy. Healthy gums will gradually result in oral hygiene and health.
Tea and coffee are also yet another substance that is highly dangerous for your oral health. Try to shun this habit to protect your teeth. Avoiding this habit will help in further staining of your teeth after cleansing procedures.
Baking soda is yet another proven technique that whitens your teeth. You can mix this with the tooth paste to avoid the bad taste. This is cent percent safe for whitening your teeth. This is also very easy to apply.
Hydrogen peroxide is a tooth whitener that whitens your teeth very quickly. You need to just gargle with this solution and rub for getting fine results. This is very easy to use and this provides sudden results. You can also employ a cotton ball dipped in this solution to rub your teeth. But the most effective way is to gargle.
Another natural remedy for whitening your teeth is the wood ash. You can just rub this in your teeth. The tiny crystals in this will rub away the yellow stains in your teeth and the potassium hydroxide contained in this will help to whiten your teeth. You need to simply crush the wood ash for applying in your teeth. You can just rub this mixture on your teeth to get brighter teeth. This simple technique will provide fast results in safer way.
Strawberries are actually a magical fruit that helps in brightening your teeth. This fruit is excellent in improving the color of your teeth. You could smash this fruit and rub it in your teeth to get good results. Apart from strawberries lemon is also yet another fruit that helps in improving the color of your teeth. you can take the lemon juice and rub on your teeth similar to that of strawberries to get brighter teeth
You can also opt for home made tooth paste for whitening your teeth. Make a mixture of baking soda along with salt and hydrogen peroxide to get a paste. You can also add a little bit of toothpaste to alter the taste. This will brighten your tooth naturally and provides fast results.
All the above mentioned tips are very effective in making your teeth brighter. This will give you a good smile and thereby helping in creating a good impression to everyone that you meet.

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