Remind Health: A Vegetarian Diet To Health,

Support at all times and a large number of heavyweight celebrity

vegetarian History, Shakespeare, Newton, George Bernard Shaw, Sun Yat-sen, Einstein, Gandhi, Huang Yan (China founding Deputy Prime Minister), Cai (the famous Education Home, the old president of Peking University), India’s current president, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other wise men, all support vegetarian.

Because vegetarian brings the simple, safe, clean, tough attitude to life.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Carrier, from a medical point of view, the more clearly the human blood, aging more slowly, and work is not easily tired.

He said the meat itself, not only in the body digest waste and residues in animal meat itself is not a net emission of waste, needs to depend on liver, kidney extra work.

Vegetarian become fashionable More meat “shortening his life!” Its hazards, as much as smoking, longitudinal Wine , Drugs, indulge lust!

Harvard University researchers found that vegetarian blood pressure, did the same meat-eater than the background is much lower.

World health statistics, countries with much less meat consumption, heart disease, cancer incidence is higher than the national vegetarian-based. Pakistan’s Hang Switzerland, Mexico, Ou Tuomi non-meat people, but they enjoy the health and longevity, the average life expectancy over 110 years.

Region of China known longevity in Bama Yao Autonomous County, where farmers with corn, sweet potatoes, Rice , Beans and other staple food, vegetables Zeyi vegetables, squash, sweet potato leaves, melon, etc, the rarely eat Meat eater.

Vegetarian, in recent years in the country has become almost a fashion, the traditional vegetarian vegetarian trend in the promotion of industry, great changes have taken place. Vegetarian food in the past

more limited gluten and soy products made pictographs dishes such as prime meat, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck, vegetarian fish, monotonous enough to allow many people prefer is interested. Now the vegetables, use more vegetables, fungi and mushrooms, and more fragrant flavor, consistent with the public taste, to make vegetarian food more delicious.

The streets, vegetarian, such as about a dozen big, traditional vegetarian, Hong Kong-style vegetarian food, new style vegetarian, ever-changing forms, is also growing ranks of vegetarians. The door opened to healthy vegetarian

To change habits, must have deafened Chun Kui alarm.

The daily meat table, see Diet Because of interest in the “good nutrition, taste good”, so that some people have a natural feel.

However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s inspection report, urges people to surprise: discovery, food 95% of toxic constituents of meat, fish, eggs and Dairy products , Which, in order to beef, pork and food the most.

Data show that eating less pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and other components of animal meat and offal, or at least reduce high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer incidence.

Worth remembering that 50 years of the 20th century, scientists confused meat protein as a “top”, vegetable proteins as “inferior.”

But later confirmed by the medical: vegetables in the protein, the human body not only have the same nutritional value, and absorption than meat well, almost no decomposition of metabolic toxins.

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