Secrets of Article Writing – Write Articles To Build Your List

Articles can be the most effective means to market your website. By increasing internet exposure, articles will attract more web surfers to your site. This increase in traffic is one way to build your customer list. Here is how you can do it.

First, you must raise your website’s exposure on the web. For this to happen, you must first get your articles exposed. This can be done by inserting keywords and phrases in your article’s title and body. The keywords will increase your article’s search engine optimization which will give them a higher placement on search engine result pages. A higher placement ensures more clicks per article and more potential visits to your website.

Second, write as often as possible. Generating one article per day will not raise your SEO, even if it has great keywords. You need to publish as many articles daily as you can so that you have hundreds of keywords circulating on the internet. This will surely raise your SEO more effectively.

Third, once the readers have read your articles, you must get them to your site. The first step is to include a call to action in your conclusion. Calls to action tell your readers what they should do next. It literally calls on them to act. For website managers, you want them to visit your site and make a purchase. A little encouragement will go a long way.

Finally, insert back links in your call to action. This is the second step to recruiting readers to your website. Bank links provide a direct portal from your article to your website.

The bottom line for building your customer list is to increase traffic to your website. Therefore, increase your website’s exposure by publishing as many keyword filled articles as possible and then recruit the readers via back links. This is a simple and inexpensive way to grow your list.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing to build your list:Download it free here: Secrets of Article WritingJanet Cole is a powerful coach and online mentor. She has over 1,400 articles in print and has created over 11 educational products. I resort to Clickbank Wealth Formula to assist me to achieve coinage.

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