Tips for Dog Food Selection and Diet Transition

In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a selection process before you begin. One of the main things to do while feeding your dog is to know their constitution; whether they are excess or deficient.

Most of the pet in the wild are already deficient to withstand the modern life offering. But most people want their dog to sleep while they are not around them doing their own things. And those animals tend to have excess constitution. These animals need stimulation providing outlet for their senses and vitality that are not understandable by humans. They are energetic and will be bored soon, so they will find inappropriate ways to make them entertained.

As compared to excess individuals, deficient individuals are slow and suffer very low. Even chronic disease will debilitate them for long time. This kind of constitution is manifested because of the modern practices of breeding and lack of nutrition.

Make Slow Diet Change

While transitioning food of your pet that is more nutritional, it is essential to slowly change their diet in order to avoid the digestion problems and to detoxify the body slowly. Excess individuals have tendency to transit soon than that of the deficient individuals. So take time to transit the diet if it is a case with deficient individuals.

It will be more essential to change the diet slowly if your dog is eating economical, grocery store based food like Fromm Dog Food. The toxins stored in the body must be removed slowly as more nutritional food is added to the cellular level. For a few days, only add little amount of new food with old food and there will be no sign of diarrhea which is mainly considered as fast detoxification. You can further add more amount of food for 3-4 days until you change the food completely. Hence the body will get time to adjust with the new food. You can help the transition by adding some amount of probiotics in new diet too.

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