Toe Nail Color and Health – 3 Tips to Get Your Natural Toe Nail Color Back Faster

Toe nail color and health issues seem to be a primary focus for many people today, probably tomorrow, and the next week over. Many don’t realize that toenail discolorations can be caused by fungal infections. Occurrences may cause the nails to thicken, turn yellow, or even turn black in severe cases. If you haven’t been to the beach in a while because of this problem, read on.

Home Remedies

Today’s home remedies include Vics Vapor rub, vinegar, and even bleach among many others. While many of these home remedies are safe, they also require a great deal of patience and aspirin for your headaches. While I cannot recommend which home remedy is perfect for you because most internet reviews either praise the remedy or reject it, I can offer easier alternatives for faster results.

1. Your Sugar Intake

Something many don’t know about is the sugar intake factor. Toenail fungus is more common in men, however when sugar intake is high, it can be just as common regardless of gender. Monitor your sugar intake, your nails and health can worsen if it’s not watched closely. More information on this below.

2. Nail Filing

Another great thing to monitor is the nails themselves. Thick nail beds tend to attract funguses easier because yeast are in love with dark moist places. If that’s their playground, make it less inviting by filing the nails down to a comfortable size for you.

3. Nail Jamming

You also want avoid wearing tight fit shoes, they tend to uncomfortably jam and crack the nails. This is the perfect environment and chance for the fungus to get in free at the door with no ID. Give them more air.

I’ve already discussed some of many home remedies but I would recommend that you do more research to see what’s right for your toe nail color and health.

Moreover, if you’re really serious about your nail color and health, one more thing I would also recommend is the product Zetaclear. As opposed to the home remedies, more reviews and praises go to this product alone over any other toenail fungus treatment on the web. The momentum towards this product is growing due to the great reviews.

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